Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Janus Comes Calling

Born in 1921, Air Marshal Sir Beresford Peter Torrington Horsley embarked upon an illustrious career with the British military in 1939, when he took a position as deck-boy on the TSS Cyclops, a steamer bound for Malaya. For the return journey, and as the Second World War was declared, he changed ships – to the TSS Menelaus, and eventually gravitated to a career in the Royal Air Force: first as an air-gunner, then as a pilot, and subsequently as a flight-instructor.

Horsley was later attached to the Communications-Squadron of the 2nd Tactical Air Force in France, and, during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, he accepted the job of personal pilot to Major-General Sir Miles Graham. He returned to England in 1947, joined the staff of the Central Flying School, 23 Training Group, and was appointed Adjutant to the Oxford University Air Squadron in 1948.

In July 1949, Horsley entered the Royal Household as a Squadron Leader, and as Equerry to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh (better known today as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II), and to His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh. In 1952, Horsley became a Wing-Commander and in 1953 became a full-time Equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh; a role he held until 1956.

From the latter part of the 1950s to the early 1960s, Horsley was employed as Senior-Instructor at the RAF Flying College, Manby, Lincolnshire; as Commanding-Officer at RAF Wattisham, Suffolk; and as Group-Captain, Near-East Air Force (NEAF), Operations, on the island of Cyprus. Horsley made the rank of Air Vice-Marshal; later attaining the position of Assistant-Chief of Air-Staff (Operations), and then that of Commanding-Officer, 1-Group from 1971 to 1973. His final post in the Royal Air Force was as the Deputy-Commander-in-Chief of Strike Command, which he held from 1973 to 1975.

And there's one more thing: Horsley’s other claim to fame is that he claimed a face-to-face encounter with a human-looking alien who went by the memorable name of Mr. Janus.

The strange affair began when Horsley learned of the Duke of Edinburgh’s fascination with the complexities of the UFO puzzle. According to Horsley “He was quite interested. As always his mind was open. He agreed I should do a study on the subject in my spare time; as long as I kept it in perspective and didn’t bring the Palace into disrepute. He didn’t want to see headlines about him believing in little green men.”

With typical British understatement, Horsley said: “At the end of my tour at the Palace, I had a very strange experience.”

Sir Arthur Barratt, who worked at Buckingham Palace as Gentleman Usher to the Sword of State, introduced Horsley to a mysterious “General Martin,” who, in turn put him in touch with an “enigmatic” Mrs. Markham. Interestingly, the English researchers Dr. David Clarke and Andy Roberts learned from Horsley that General Martin “believed UFOs were visitors from an alien civilization which wanted to warn us of the dangers posed by atomic war.” According to Horsley, it was Markham who told him to turn up at a particular apartment in London’s Chelsea district on a specific evening, where he met a stranger who introduced himself only as Mr. Janus.

Horsley said of his chat with the man that: “Janus was there, sitting by the fire in a deep chair. He asked: ‘What is your interest in flying saucers?’ We talked for hours about traveling in space and time. I don’t know what or who he was. He didn’t say he was a visitor from another planet but I had that impression. I believe he was here to observe us. I never saw him again. I have no qualms about the reaction to my experience with Mr. Janus.”

Rather disturbingly, and echoing the claims of so many of the Contactees that the Space-Brothers were concerned by our ever-growing nuclear arsenals, UFO investigator Timothy Good says: “In my second and last meeting with Sir Peter Horsley at his home in 2000, he revealed that, in addition to being disturbed by the realization that Janus was reading his mind, he was even more disturbed by the fact that this extraordinary man ‘knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets.’”

Is it possible that this bizarre episode was actually part of some state-sponsored operation designed to ascertain the nature of Sir Peter’s character and his loyalty to the country? This particularly novel theory was most assuredly on the minds of researchers Clarke and Roberts, who asked Horsley if he considered it feasible that he had been “set up” by MI5 (the British equivalent of the FBI) to “test his vulnerability.” Horsley provided the pair with an adamant “no.”

Right up until his death in 2001, Horsley’s position on the overwhelmingly weird experience was rock-solid: “I don’t care what people think - it was what happened. I would say they come from another planet somewhere in the universe but not in our galaxy. They are benign, not aggressive and, like us, are explorers.”


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  1. he was even more disturbed by the fact that this extraordinary man ‘knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets

    But did he know any nuclear secrets that Horsley himself didn't know? That seems to me to be most important in ruling out the possibility that 'Mr. Janus' was anything other than a creation of Horsley's mind.

  2. Why do these benevolent aliens always warn us of the dangers of things like nuclear weapons- things we already know are dangerous? Why don't they ever warn us of the dangers of an asparagus apocalypse or a deadly bunny uprising?

  3. Something is missing in this account. It's hard for me to believe that such a qualified and trusted confidant as the one Horsley had obviously proved himself to be, would simply become, and furthermore remain fully convinced for the rest of his life that MR. Janus was in fact an alien not of Earth, as a result of what he deemed to be an encounter with alien telepathy.

    I am not convinced in the least that this adopted perspective was responsible for Horsley's adamant position on the ET reality. Something FAR more mind blowing HAD to ocurre unless this story is in and of itself, intentional disinformation.

    Any parlor magician can convince those in his/her audience that said magician can effectively read their minds.

    I have to state that such an individual as Horsley should have been well beyond as much trickery via his training and credentials alone.

    Something is missing, but then again, when isn't there some "something" integral missing from such contact cases?

    GREAT stuff Nick!

  4. Kent
    Yep, there are plenty of things that the aliens should be warning us about. Top of the list are Romney, Perry, the Kardashians, and that Bieber kid.

    1. I'm not so sure Nick. I think the people who don't realize the danger of nuclear world destruction tend to be the same people who don't realize the danger of Romney and Perry; which is to say, Romney and Perry are things the aliens needn't warn us about.

  5. Jeff:

    The one word that, in my view, sums up Horsley's story, and that sums up so many other Contactee cases to, is "enigmatic."

    The whole thing is plain odd, couched in maybe's, what if's, different scenarios etc.

  6. Parakletos:

    It could have been an internal experience, born of Horsley's mind. We can never rule that out. If so, it serves to demonstrate that government needs to carefully filter who it gives power to, and to what extent, or not at all.

  7. More likely Mr. Janus was from a sister race that grew up with us and has stronger psychic abilities than we have. I wonder what happened to the older race the Siberian X-Woman came from. Maybe they are still around and are responsible for the Elves/Royal Scythians that Nick de Vere talks about and everything else that isn't caused by our own minds.

  8. Isn't JANUS the call name of the planes that fly into and out of AREA 51 ?

  9. As a friend of mine, Kithra, notes "in mythology Janus was a two-faced god that looked both ways."

    I suspect a bit of subtle humor here, and that this was the Intel community having a bit of an inside joke: an Intel agent posing as a human-looking alien. In other words, two faces, hence the name used, Janus.

    Here's why: there's one aspect of Horsley's story that few consider the implications of.

    By his own admission, this encounter did not occur out the blue. Rather, it occurred AFTER Horsley established his very own unofficial, after-hours study of the UFO phenomenon.

    This was a guy with a substantial military background, a connection to the Royal Family, and here is looking into UFOs, a subject that - in varying degrees and for varying reasons - troubled and attracted the attention of various arms of British officialdom.

    My best guess would be a brilliant ruse to see where Horsley's head was at and to ensure (in a worst case scenario) that he wasn't being influenced by the Contactees of that very era and their "the aliens want us to disarm our atomic weapons" statements.

    For someone in Horsley's position to go down that path would have been disastrous - hence why I suspect he was "checked out" on his UFO views by someone of a very terrestrial nature.

    The ESP, reading his mind angle may simply be explainable by the man having extensive background on Horsley's beliefs, work etc already in-hand.

  10. The reading his mind thing may be a parlor trick, or pre-supplied information, although it makes me think of those stories I hear of certain experiencers reporting more-or-less a physical sensation, something along the lines of, "I could feel him tasting my thoughts".
    Hard to tell from the story if there was something else to corroborate that the mind-reading.
    I've never heard that from someone visiting a run-of-the-mill psychic encounter, but have from other experiencers.

  11. Or, it could be exactly as he suspected and reported it to be. The only real anomaly here that raises a question as to the authenticity of the whole thing is the notion that the Duke of Edinburgh, once Consort, remained 'outside the loop' on whatever knowledge the Crown has accumulated on the alien presence over the last thousand years, and the centuries-long global reach of the British Empire.

    Among the [surviving] human institutions who undoubtedly know the whole truth, beyond MJ-12 and the alphabet spooks in our own (US) government, the British Crown would have to be very high on a very short list. The list would have to include the Freemasons, the Vatican, the Kremlin, probably the Israelis, and after that I think it probably drops off sharply...

  12. Press:
    It could indeed have been real.

    But, I'd have to say: which is more likely?

    He got a visit from an alien who just happened to look absolutely human? Or he got a visit from a human?

    We can't rule out the former, but I would say the latter stands a better chance in terms of probabilities.

  13. LSD was used very aggresively by intelligence services in the 1950's and 1960s..and military officers were also unwittingly used as test subjects..I really suspect that "Mr Janus" was nothing more than a KGB operatiion that was well ware of Horsley's interest in UFO's, and they used this cover to get as much information out of him...THIS MAKES NO SENSE..IF MR JANUS was an alien, you dont think he would have had the technology to make himself aware to Prince Phillip, instead of asking Horsley to set up a meeting?!?! THAT MAKES NO SENSE..The KGB was using Horsley to get to Prince Phillip..and they probably spiked his tea in the Chelsea apartment..this was nothing but a KGB opearation..the KGB was operating all over London in the 1950's during the Cold War.. pure bullshit..after Buckhingham Palace found out about this, they were too embarrased to make it public, because of who Horsley was, so they kept it under wraps..

  14. Inrteresting comments above, and I understand the skeptics.

    However, many aliens are human, yes, t is as simple as that, advanced over us by centuries, ands this is hidden by our governments, which lie about everything else so why not about this, the biggest of all coverups?.

    Earth is a beautiful planet at a strategic location and has been colonized by waves of migrants, settlers, and war refugees from a number of planets all hosting different kinds of human life.

    We ourselves descend from these "aliens" -- and so the very word "alien" in the sense of "scary little men with antennae/slanted eyes" is loaded in negative way.

    Most aliens (54 species) are not Greys, Reptiles or other humanoids (with one head, two arms and legs); they are full humans who eat food, have sex, make babies, get old and die. Some are noble in their intentions, others neutral (going about their business, including mining and tanking up on hydrogen) and a few are nasty, as as humans are here.

    And when they warn us about nuclear war, it is because they use this earth too., and they know that earth has been thrown back into the Stone Age before by nuclear war, and each atomic explosion harms others in the galaxy.

    Earth is a truck stop used by many, and a huge amount of activity goes on underwater, under the ocean floor, and under mountain ranges and deserts.

    This is an actual Google Earth shot (type in the coordinates yourself -- 34.0811763-119.0307411) of a giant, teardrop-shaped base off Malibu, California http://www.johndenugent.com/images/google-earth-uso-off-malibu-34.0811763-119.0307411.jpg

    I would refer you to my article: http://www.johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after-1945-and-the-pleiadians/

    I served in Marine Corps intelligence and graduated with a science degree from Georgetown University in 1981, Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude.

  15. Interesting comments. At this point it matters not whether Janus was real or imagined. Everyone seems to miss the point being made and that was the message itself given to Horsley. We can speculate as much as we want about who Janus was but the message (and I mean the entire conversation as published in the book) was and remains quite valid and has been repeated time after time by numerous other contactees over the years. I for one thank Sir Horsely for being brave enough to publish the whole affair knowing full well the ridicule and skepticism his story would generate.