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Mr. Janus Comes Calling

Born in 1921, Air Marshal Sir Beresford Peter Torrington Horsley embarked upon an illustrious career with the British military in 1939, when he took a position as deck-boy on the TSS Cyclops, a steamer bound for Malaya. For the return journey, and as the Second World War was declared, he changed ships – to the TSS Menelaus, and eventually gravitated to a career in the Royal Air Force: first as an air-gunner, then as a pilot, and subsequently as a flight-instructor.

Horsley was later attached to the Communications-Squadron of the 2nd Tactical Air Force in France, and, during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, he accepted the job of personal pilot to Major-General Sir Miles Graham. He returned to England in 1947, joined the staff of the Central Flying School, 23 Training Group, and was appointed Adjutant to the Oxford University Air Squadron in 1948.

In July 1949, Horsley entered the Royal Household as a Squadron Leader, and as Equerry to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh (better known today as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II), and to His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh. In 1952, Horsley became a Wing-Commander and in 1953 became a full-time Equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh; a role he held until 1956.

From the latter part of the 1950s to the early 1960s, Horsley was employed as Senior-Instructor at the RAF Flying College, Manby, Lincolnshire; as Commanding-Officer at RAF Wattisham, Suffolk; and as Group-Captain, Near-East Air Force (NEAF), Operations, on the island of Cyprus. Horsley made the rank of Air Vice-Marshal; later attaining the position of Assistant-Chief of Air-Staff (Operations), and then that of Commanding-Officer, 1-Group from 1971 to 1973. His final post in the Royal Air Force was as the Deputy-Commander-in-Chief of Strike Command, which he held from 1973 to 1975.

And there's one more thing: Horsley’s other claim to fame is that he claimed a face-to-face encounter with a human-looking alien who went by the memorable name of Mr. Janus.

The strange affair began when Horsley learned of the Duke of Edinburgh’s fascination with the complexities of the UFO puzzle. According to Horsley “He was quite interested. As always his mind was open. He agreed I should do a study on the subject in my spare time; as long as I kept it in perspective and didn’t bring the Palace into disrepute. He didn’t want to see headlines about him believing in little green men.”

With typical British understatement, Horsley said: “At the end of my tour at the Palace, I had a very strange experience.”

Sir Arthur Barratt, who worked at Buckingham Palace as Gentleman Usher to the Sword of State, introduced Horsley to a mysterious “General Martin,” who, in turn put him in touch with an “enigmatic” Mrs. Markham. Interestingly, the English researchers Dr. David Clarke and Andy Roberts learned from Horsley that General Martin “believed UFOs were visitors from an alien civilization which wanted to warn us of the dangers posed by atomic war.” According to Horsley, it was Markham who told him to turn up at a particular apartment in London’s Chelsea district on a specific evening, where he met a stranger who introduced himself only as Mr. Janus.

Horsley said of his chat with the man that: “Janus was there, sitting by the fire in a deep chair. He asked: ‘What is your interest in flying saucers?’ We talked for hours about traveling in space and time. I don’t know what or who he was. He didn’t say he was a visitor from another planet but I had that impression. I believe he was here to observe us. I never saw him again. I have no qualms about the reaction to my experience with Mr. Janus.”

Rather disturbingly, and echoing the claims of so many of the Contactees that the Space-Brothers were concerned by our ever-growing nuclear arsenals, UFO investigator Timothy Good says: “In my second and last meeting with Sir Peter Horsley at his home in 2000, he revealed that, in addition to being disturbed by the realization that Janus was reading his mind, he was even more disturbed by the fact that this extraordinary man ‘knew all Britain’s top-secret nuclear secrets.’”

Is it possible that this bizarre episode was actually part of some state-sponsored operation designed to ascertain the nature of Sir Peter’s character and his loyalty to the country? This particularly novel theory was most assuredly on the minds of researchers Clarke and Roberts, who asked Horsley if he considered it feasible that he had been “set up” by MI5 (the British equivalent of the FBI) to “test his vulnerability.” Horsley provided the pair with an adamant “no.”

Right up until his death in 2001, Horsley’s position on the overwhelmingly weird experience was rock-solid: “I don’t care what people think - it was what happened. I would say they come from another planet somewhere in the universe but not in our galaxy. They are benign, not aggressive and, like us, are explorers.”


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Nick Redfern tackles the Roswell dummies

Nick Redfern continues to look at Roswell, despite Paul Kimball's chagrin about Nick, me, and others continuing to plumb the Roswell effluvia.

Click HERE to access Nick's latest salvo, if Roswell still intrigues you.

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Nick Redfern's Keep Out!

Copyright 2011, InterAmerica, Inc.

Nick Redfern’s latest opus, pictured above, is, as usual, filled with information that readers of his topics think they know a lot about but find they really don’t; Mr. Redfern always manages to provide details that are rarely known, even to cognoscenti.

The book is a listing of Top Secret places that governments (of the world) don’t want you to know about: high security facilities, underground bases, and other off-limits areas as the sub-title and cover inform potential readers.

For instance, Mr. Redfern’s opening salvo, Chapter One, presents the Area 51/Bob Lazar controversy in ways that make readers, skeptical and otherwise, re-evaluate both Lazar and the secret base in Nevada.

Mr. Redfern notes that a Welsh computer hacker, Matthew Bevan, in the 1990s, broke into the computer system(s) at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio, looking for references to the alleged Hangar 18 of Roswell and UFO rumor.

What Bevan found was e-mail that appeared to confirm some of the Lazar story, about an extraterrestrial craft and a super-heavy element (dubbed Element 115 by Lazar). [Page 28 ff.]

Chapter 5 continues Mr. Redfern’s survey of Hangar 18 its “Little Men”:

UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield recounted an incident, in 1965, whereby a visitor to the United States Air Force Museum, housed at Wright-Patterson, stumbled into an “Off Limits” room, where he encountered a “small, large-eyed, heavy-browed creature, clearly unlike any terrestrial life-form.” [Page 85]

The Stringfield tale is made juicy by Mr. Redfern’s atmospheric description of what took place after the weird and surprising encounter by Stringfield’s informant.

Another chapter covers the secretive area known as the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, where animal and human experiments with nerve agents took place alongside, UFOs, alien beings, and secret aircraft prototypes, which our own Anthony Bragalia reported on here a few years back, as Mr. Redfern acknowledges. [Chapter 3, Page 59 ff.]

The infamous Dulce “underground” base in New Mexico is given the twice-over, in which Mr. Redfern elaborates on the work by Greg Bishop that shines a light on the shameful Paul Bennewitz affair. [Chapter 8, Page 127 ff.]

Paul Bennewitz, a physicist and UFO aficionado, was, allegedly, duped by Air Force personnel at nearby Kirkland Air Force Base, and made to think, by machinations of the Air Force, that UFOs and their alien counterparts were operating from subterranean bases in the Archuleta Mesa of Rio Arriba County, Dulce.

The Air Force did this, ostensibly, to keep Mr. Bennewitz’s UFO pursuits from, inadvertently, leading others (Russian agents et al.) to Kirkland where some of the United States' most secret and advanced aircraft were tested and flown.

The actions of the Air Force operatives eventually drove Mr. Bennewitz into a paranoid psychosis and death is how the story goes.

Mr. Redfern supplements the sordid tale with little-known information culled from Greg Bishop and personal investigation that involves cattle mutilations, nuclear tests, and reptilian aliens.

Chupacabras, a pet interest for Mr. Redfern, are discussed, in the context of their Puerto Rico venue: the El Yunque rainforest. [Page 199 ff.]

The Philadelphia Experiment is reprised [Page 210 ff.] as is the Montauk (New York) Air Force Station where research involving time-travel, teleportation, mind control and invisibility took place, and even Bigfoot makes an appearance. [Page 209 ff.]

Facilities in England, Australia, China, and Russia are addressed, as is the Shaver mystery, and NASA’s plans for an eventual moon base.

What I’m noting here is only a taste of the bizarre “goodies” that Mr. Redfern offers in his 288 page book.

And it’s not just the information that is imparted that will thrill and enlighten readers, it’s also how Mr. Redfern writes; he makes hackneyed tales come alive again for those surfeited by their telling, and he brings oft-told tales to life for newbies.

The paperback book is a buy at $15.99 and can be had from Anomalist.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s and other bookstores, online and off.

It’s a Career Press New Page book (Pompton Plains, NJ) from which you can find out more by accessing their web-sites:




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Nick Redfern's latest

Nick Redfern addresses, in his latest book, the "forbidden" sites that the government and military don't want us, the public, to visit.

Click HERE to read more about Nick's invaluable resource.

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Nick Redfern's new June 2012 Book...

Another blockbuster book from Nick Redfern is in the offing.

Click HERE for details from the publisher

Contactees or Secret Agents? by Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern continues his examination of the Contactee "phenomenon."

Click HERE for Nick's take on the conjunction of contactees and secret agencies of the government(s).

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Nick Redfern touches upon a new book

Nick Redfern shall review this book soon.

Meanwhile he offers some tantalizing tidbits about it.

Click here for those

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Nick Redfern is "haunted"

Nick Redfern provides a chapter in Ghosts, Spirits, & Hauntings, a New Page book about things that go "clank" in the night and at other times too.

Click here for more about Nick's contribution

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Nick Redfern's The REAL Men in Black: A Paranoiac's Handbook

Nick Redfern’s latest effort is one of his best; he never fails to satisfy or enlighten, and
he doesn’t this time either.

The RMIB, as I’ll call it, takes readers through the mystery commonly known among UFO aficionados and paranomalists as “the men in black” – a term derived from weird circumstances involving a UFO “researcher” – Albert Bender – and a cohort of his, Gray Barker in the 1950s.

Mr. Redfern provides exquisite details about the Bender/Barker “affair” which is a textbook case about paranoia and madness more than anything else.

But Mr. Redfern doesn’t stop there. He presents a host of other MIB episodes, which also, to this reader, showcase mental aberrations of various kinds, all psychotic in nature.

Chapters 4 through 12 provide a litany MIB cases or related events that psychiatry would have a field day with:

“It was a blistering hot day when Jane’s attention was drawn to three tall, golden-skinned, bearded men. They were dressed in black suits, black hats, black shoes, and very heavy, woolen full-length coats that…were also black in color…

A few weeks later…Jane was listening to a radio talk show…when one particular caller related her own…UFO experience…The caller’s encounter was followed by a visit from three men dressed completely in black clothing…This story gave Jane a jolt…[and she] wondered if she hadn’t been ‘marked or implanted’ by the aliens and if she was being followed.” [Pages 113-114]

Then in Part II of the book, Mr. Redfern gives readers all, and I mean all, the theories that have been proffered for the MIB phenomenon, including hallucinations, hoaxes, archetypal “tricksters,” G-men, and time-travelers among others.

The deep mental disfigurations are implied by Mr. Redfern, but he refrains from going so far as to say that MIB experiencers are nuts.

Mr. Redfern, if I’m reading him correctly, leans towards the “paranormal” aspect of MIB visitations, which makes sense even to those, like me, who think MIB events are products of the ill-mind.

Paranormality can account for some MIB instances, since a few persons visited by the black-clad personages have a semblance of sanity about themselves.

What always surprises me about Mr. Redfern’s forays into the unknown is his encapsulating accounts of demons and devils, since he is non-believer in things with a religious patina. (And I don’t think he believes in God.)

Mr. Redfern, in The Real Men in Black, gives readers, as is his wont in all his writings, between-the-lines insights and details, not minutiae necessarily, that can take readers to other areas of paranormality, which are touched on, and subliminally relevant to the whole panoply of the fringe reality.

So, if you’re a seeker of truth, and want a manual about one element in the weird world of UFOs and the paranormal, get Mr. Redfern’s book.

You will not be disappointed.

The book is published, nicely, by New Page Books, a Division of Career Press, and can be found at Amazon, among other booksellers, and can be had via NewPageBooks.com I surmise.


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