Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nick Redfern's The NASA Conspiracies

Nick Redfern’s latest effort at deriving truth from within the corridors of government and other bureaucratic constructs involved the National Aeronautics and Space Administration: NASA.

His book, The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and the Face on Mars, [New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ], is replete with information readers will think they are familiar with but will find out they are not.

Mr. Redfern’s forte isn’t just ferreting news from FOIA documents. He actually has accumulated first-hand information, via face-to-face interviews with persons privy to the inner workings of NASA, the military, and other relevant agencies – insiders.

He has done this again for his NASA book, with a fellow named John, from Bloomington, Minnesota about Area 51 (page 57 ff.), Nick Pope, former U.K. Minister of Defense staffer about contactees, et cetera (Page 97 ff.), Matthew Williams, an investigator with the U.K.’s Customs & Excise Agency about crashed UFOs in the Britain (Page 125 ff.), and a NASA employee with NASA’s Public Affairs office about the Gary McKinnon affair (Page 199 ff.).

Mr. Redfern also presents incredible stories about alleged alien abductions (Sharon, Page 146 ff.) and persons who have experienced mothman-like creatures in and around NASA facilities (Hilda Walker and Frank Shaw, Chapter 13, The Monsters of NASA, Page 153 ff.).

Mr. Redfern also offers a kind of paean to Sci-Fi writer and UFO maven Mac Tonnies, who died recently but left a legacy of hypothetical thought that is unique and provocative, about the so-called Face on Mars (Chapter 9, Page 101 ff.) and cryptoterrestrials, a concomitant, hidden Earthian civilization that interacts with human beings who share this planet with “them.”

Mr. Redfern also provides illuminating minutiae about Roswell, the Moon landing, and the Frank Scully Aztec story.

His ruminations about the Space Shuttle and NASA’s astronauts, some of whom who are believers in extraterrestrial visitation, offer grist to those who believe that the UFO phenomenon is ET oriented.

But most of all, Mr. Redfern confirms for the rational observer that NASA and other U.S. agencies (such as the CIA and FBI) harbor secrets that would be explosive if revealed.

The NASA Conspiracies is a must-read for those who would like a heads-up on the agency that is at the fore-front of our Space exploration and efforts, including the next trips to the Moon and Mars (and beyond).

What does NASA know now, and how would that “secret” information, if made public, impact humanity, and human civilization? Mr. Redfern gives readers some insightful clues.

Mr. Redfern’s book may be had via or from Career Press, Inc., 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 ( or

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and the Face on Mars by Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern announces his latest, new book:

Click here for Nasa book cover

This week, I'm pleased to announce, New Page Books have published my new book, The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos, and the Face on Mars. I was asked to write an article about the book as part of the publicity campaign, and I am attaching that article for you, in Word format.

Click here for the article (in WORD format)

If you would like to reproduce this article at your website, magazine, or blog, you are very welcome too. I am also attaching the book cover image (see above), which you are also very welcome to reproduce.Click here for the article (in WORD format) Some of you on this list will be receiving copies of the book direct from me.

However, if I have not yet contacted you about that, and you would like a review copy of the book for your blog, website, magazine or radio/TV show, please contact Amanda at Warwick Associates at: and title the email "Nick Redfern's The NASA Conspiracies," and include your mailing address, and details of your site/radio show etc, Amanda will be pleased to mail you a review copy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nick Redfern's FINAL EVENTS

Many of you have read, we assume, Nick Redfern’s recent “best seller” FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife [Anomalist Books, NY and San Antonio, TX, 2010].


If not, you should, and we’ll enumerate why here.

The thesis of Mr. Redfern’s book is that there exists (or existed) a governmentally-initiated group called The Collins Elite which was obsessed with the idea that UFOs were demonic entities (angels, as it were) who were gulling people and agencies into believing UFOs were extraterrestrial when in fact the operatives – the UFO entities –were paranormal entities out to “capture the souls of human beings.”

Yes, the concept is staggeringly bizarre, which is grist for Mr. Redfern, who often presents obtuse conjectures about UFOs, as he did with his book about Roswell, Body Snatchers in the Desert.

Now if you’re inclined to dismiss the demonic UFO hypothesis and Mr. Redfern’s book, you’d be missing out on what Mr. Redfern does best, and that’s present peripheral information and material that enlightens those who have limited knowledge about things germane to UFOs and human existence itself.

For instance, in FINAL EVENTS, Mr. Redfern provides a succinct dissertation on philosophy’s view of the soul [Chapter 16; Demons, Souls, and Fallen Angels].


He also gives background on some UFO players who get short shrift, if any shrift at all, in the UFO literature: Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Aleister Crowley, Theodore von Karman, et al.

He also references UFO researchers with acumen and cachet but don’t get a lot of play in the States: the U.K.’s David Clarke and Andy Roberts and America’s own Michael Heiser who has a few terrific web-sites or blogs dealing with UFOs and Religion -- will get you to those blogs and sites.

Mr. Redfern also presents a précis about the Hebrew concept of the Golem, which is an intriguing story worthy of a book all by itself.


You will also get introductory but insightful views of contactees (those flying saucer reprobates that Mr. Redfern, and others now, find worthy of another look).

Mr. Redfern does what other good writers do. He provides asides that illuminate items that might be of interest to readers. (James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, was extolled for doing the same thing in his books about the British secret agent.)

For instance, Mr. Redfern allows information about oft-excoriated UFO persons or things (Bob Lazar and MJ-12) that fill in lacunae which may be important in the over-all UFO mystery.


His Chapter [20] on U.S. President Ronald Reagan tells much that news media has glossed over about the ex-President; information that makes clearer what Mr. Reagan’s presidency was about, in large part.

And the Biblical detritus should thrill anyone who has a predilection for things theological, and arcane, such as the mysterious Book of Enoch, which tells religious mavens what the early Jews believed about God and his celestial plans for humanity.


Now, this “reviewer” is not enamored of The Collins Elite scenario, nor is Mr. Redfern I assume. But it is an idea that Mr. Redfern presents thoroughly and objectively, as usual.

And one that can’t be dismissed out-of-hand, if one considers Mr. Redfern’s remarkable accumulation of circumstantial information that bolsters the Collins Elite thesis.

Get the book – via Amazon or Anomalist Books (online) – and give yourself a treat, one that will be intellectually stimulating in many, many ways….


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Nick Redfern: A Profile (of sorts)

Noted paranormalist and author Nick Redfern is profiled (almost). We know more about the esteemed writer and his Fortean predilections, and will be presenting those insights here, upcoming.

Meanwhile, click here for a precis of Mr. Redfern